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Aviation High School
Alumni of '82

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Contact Your Classmates

For security and privacy reasons we cannot give out anyone's information, no matter how close you were in high school.  However, we can take your information down and pass it on to the person with whom you hope to communicate.  If they're willing to contact you then bingo! you've made a connection.  Happy connecting!

Additionally, this information stays within the organization and will not be given or sold to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Fill in as much or as little as you like, but remember that we need at least the basics so your friend knows who you are and can contact you.

Your request will be discarded if you don't provide enough information about you, the requester.  Make sure you provide your name and some contact information. Please fill out a separate form for each person you wish to contact.

Please provide your current contact information (only as much as feel comfortable/necessary providing):

Your Current First Name

Your Current Last Name

YOUR Class Year

Your Current Street Address

Address (cont.)

Your Current City

Your Current State/Province

Your Current Zip Code

Your Current Country

Your Current Work Phone

Your Current Home Phone

Your Current E-mail

Please provide your name in high school:

First Name

Last Name

Please identify the current information of the person you wish to contact (to the best of your knowledge):

First Name

Last Name

Please provide this person's name in high school (if different from name provided):

First Name

Last Name

Friend's Class Year


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