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Aviation High School
Alumni of '82

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Like Falcons On The Wind


by Paul L. Steib

Dance upon our souls
on this evening of memories
Feel once again our friendship
and embrace the love of the past
Never lost with you in our thoughts
your essence keeps us warm
We see your smile in a passerby
Hear your laugh in that of a small child
Feel your touch through a friend
and your spirit in the air around us
We are truly still connected
by a force known as love
We are all bound together as one
living long after we pass on
Moving amongst the cosmos
before the creator's eyes
Now twinkling stars
to those we left behind
and always remembered
Tonight you are in attendance
In my heart
In her heart
In his heart
and in all hearts
Kept in the very special place
known as our souls
You help to mold and guide the future
as we travel to our ultimate destination
Together we soar high
Like Falcons on the wind.


In loving memory to all of our classmates from '81 to '83,
who have passed on to the Other Side.
We miss you all.


----- Your fellow Classmates

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